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Girl Be Kind Scented Candle

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Introducing our Girl Be Kind scented candle, a beacon of compassion and generosity. Hand-poured with care, this delightful candle features a blend of premium soy wax infused with the uplifting essence of lemongrass essential oil.

As you light this candle, allow its bright and refreshing aroma to envelop you, bringing a sense of serenity and warmth to any space. Whether you're unwinding after a busy day or simply seeking moments of tranquility, the Girl Be Kind candle is here to accompany you on your journey.

But there's more to this candle than meets the eye (or nose). With every purchase, know that 20% of the proceeds go directly to charity, supporting causes dedicated to spreading kindness and goodwill. With each flicker of the flame, you're not only brightening your surroundings but also brightening lives, making a positive impact on communities in need.

Embrace the power of kindness and compassion with every breath of our Girl Be Kind scented candle. Illuminate your space, uplift your spirit, and join us in spreading love and positivity, one candle at a time.

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