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Girl Be Brave Scented Candle

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Introducing our Girl Be Brave scented candle, a beacon of courage and compassion. Handcrafted with care, this exquisite candle blends the finest soy wax with a harmonious fusion of essential oils, including soothing lavender, revitalizing citronella, and invigorating lemongrass.

But there's more to this candle than meets the eye (or nose). With every purchase, know that 20% of the proceeds go directly to charity, supporting causes that empower and uplift girls and women around the world. With each flicker of the flame, you're not only illuminating your space but also illuminating lives, spreading hope and resilience to those in need.

Embrace the power of bravery and benevolence with every breath of our Girl Be Brave scented candle. Illuminate your space, elevate your spirit, and join us in making a difference, one candle at a time.

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